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Specialty Eyewear

Glasses for all Lifestyles

Specialty Eyewear

When it comes to eye care, no two eyeglasses are ever the same. As a unique person with unique eye care needs, we at Summit Eyecare in Idaho Falls want to help you improve your vision through custom eyeglasses prescribed by our eye doctors! Whether you need help with computer vision or sports vision, specialty eyeglasses can help.

What are Specialty Eyeglasses?

Specialty eyeglasses are designed to improve vision in specific situations. They can be used for several different activities and provide optical solutions for:

  • Sports
  • Computers
  • Night driving
  • Reading

Sports Vision Eyeglasses

Athletes need a clear vision to perform at their best. Specialty sports eyeglasses can help with hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and tracking moving objects. If you're a competitive athlete or just play sports for fun, our eye doctors can help you find the right pair of sports glasses.

Computer Vision Eyeglasses

If you spend a lot of time looking at screens, you may be experiencing digital eye strain. Specialty computer vision eyeglasses can help reduce eye fatigue and improve your vision while using computers, tablets, and phones.

Night Driving Eyeglasses

If you have trouble seeing at night, our eye doctors can prescribe glasses with yellow-tinted lenses. These lenses filter out blue light, which can make it harder to see at night.

Reading Eyeglasses

If you have difficulty reading, our eye doctors can prescribe reading glasses with the right lens power for your needs. We also offer bifocals and trifocals for patients who need help with both near and far vision.

How An Optometrist Can Help

You'll first need to visit an optometrist before visiting your optician for glasses. At Summit Eyecare, our optometrists will perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine your vision needs. We'll also take into account your lifestyle and activities to recommend the right type of specialty eyeglasses for you.

We'll conduct a series of tests to assess your vision and eye health. These tests will help us determine your eyeglass prescription and if you have any underlying eye conditions. Once we have all the information we need, we'll go over your options with you and help you choose the right glasses for your needs.

Find the Right Eyeglasses For Everyday Life Today

If you're in Idaho Falls, Ammon, or the surrounding areas, schedule an appointment at Summit Eyecare today! We'll help you find the right pair of specialty eyeglasses to improve your vision.