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Services at Summit Eyecare in Southeastern Idaho

Summit Eyecare offers vision and eye care services in several locations, including Merlin, Pancheri, Pocatello, St. Anthony, Rexburg, and Idaho Falls, ID. Our services include chronic dry eye treatment, contact lens exams, and treatment for various other eye conditions. We can even work with an ophthalmologist to support you through Lasik treatment. Keep reading to learn more about the eye and vision services we offer at our locations.


Dry Eye Treatment

Most people think of dry eyes as little more than an annoyance. However, chronic dryness can cause damage to your eyes. Thankfully, we can treat dry eye symptoms with prescription eye drops.

Vision Exams & Prescriptions

If your vision is blurry or you have trouble reading, you may need a vision prescription. We can diagnose your vision problems and come up with an accurate prescription. Once we have done so, we can give you the choice of contact lenses or glasses.

Eye Condition Treatment

Our optometrists can treat numerous eye conditions, such as eye infections. As previously mentioned, we can quickly and effectively treat dry eye symptoms. We can also diagnose and treat eye allergies. We can even diagnose and treat eye problems related to glaucoma and diabetes. In addition, our optometrists can work with your ophthalmologist to co-manage primary treatments and severe eye conditions.

LASIK Co-Management

An ophthalmologist performs LASIK surgery. Optometrists can play an essential role in LASIK's pre-operative and post-operative care. If you are interested in LASIK, you can come in for an eye exam. We can examine your eyes and let you know if you may be a good candidate for LASIK. We can refer you to a leading LASIK specialist.

Visit Summit Eyecare

If you need chronic dry eye treatment, contact lens exams, eye allergies, care for eye infections, or any other services mentioned above, make an appointment with Summit Eyecare today. We have locations in Merlin, Pancheri, Pocatello, St. Anthony, Rexburg, and Idaho Falls, ID. If you want to know more about Summit Eyecare, call or contact us through our site.

One of our friendly and knowledgeable team members will respond with the information you seek. We can also help you book an appointment for eye or vision care. Contact us at Pocatello (208) 637-0841, Rexburg (208) 356-0881, Idaho Falls - Merlin Dr. (208) 522-5594, St. Anthony (208) 624-3231, or Idaho Falls - Pancheri Dr. (208) 529-4333 to make an appointment today.