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Dry Eyes

Dry eye, aka dry eye syndrome, is a condition where your eyes produce insufficient tears or low-quality tears to lubricate your eyes. Severe dry eye can impact your eye health and vision, lowering the quality of your life. At Summit Eyecare, your optometrist near you offers long-term dry eye relief to protect your vision and eyes. For your convenience, we serve residents in the following locations: Pocatello, ID, St. Anthony, ID, Rexburg, ID, and Merlin and Pancheri Drive, Idaho Falls, ID.

Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eye can cause your eyes to feel dry, itchy, gritty or burning due to lack of moisture. In some cases, your eyes may fill with water continually due to your eye glands over-producing tears to compensate for the dryness. As these watery tears evaporate quickly, they’re of little use in lubricating your eyes. Dry eye symptoms can impair your visual clarity, making it hard to read, watch TV, drive or perform daily tasks.    

Dry Eye Causes

Various factors can contribute to dry eye, including age, certain medications and diseases, extensive computer use and environmental conditions. Another cause, however, is meibomian gland dysfunction or MGD.

Your tear film is composed of an oily outer layer to keep tears from drying too quickly, a watery middle layer to keep your eyes moist and an inner mucus layer to help the tear film adhere to your eye. Each layer is necessary to produce quality tears to lubricate your eyes.

The meibomian glands are responsible for secreting oil into the tear film, which keeps tears from evaporating too soon. When these glands malfunction and fail to release oil, your tears evaporate quickly, causing dry eye. 

Dry Eye Treatment

Artificial tears and prescription eye drops help manage symptoms to provide temporary dry eye relief.  However, they’re not a permanent dry eye solution as they don’t treat the underlying cause. 

To help counter the effects of dry eye caused by MGD, Summit Eyecare has invested in LipiFlow. LipiFlow seeks to help restore the function of your Meibomian glands to release oil into the tear film, potentially enabling your eyes to produce quality tears for long-term dry eye relief.

Get Dry Eye Treatment from an Eye Doctor or Optometrist Near You for Dry Eye Relief

To schedule an appointment for dry eye diagnosis and treatment at Summit Eyecare, contact your eye doctor in Pocatello, ID, at (208) 637-0841, Rexburg, ID, at (208) 356-0881, St. Anthony, ID, at (208) 624-3231, Merlin Drive (Idaho Falls) at (208) 522-5594 or Pancheri Drive (Idaho Falls, ID) at (208) 529-4333. Contact us for dry eye treatment from an eye doctor or optometrist near you for dry eye relief.