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Pediatric Eye Exam

If you have children, you need to make sure they’re getting the pediatric eye exams they need. These exams are an essential part of your child’s healthcare and need to be done on a regular basis. At Summit Eyecare in Pocatello, ID, St. Anthony, ID, Rexburg, ID, and Idaho Falls, ID, our team is here to help you protect your child’s vision. In Idaho Falls we have two locations: one on Merlin Dr. and one on Pancheri Dr. Here are some things to know about pediatric eye exams.

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Pediatric Eye Exams Check Eyes and Vision

During your trip to a pediatric eye doctor on our optometry team, your child will be tested for his vision and eye health. Vision tests are done to check for things like blurry vision. Our eye doctors might also look at the actual eye itself to check for things like injury or disease. Since vision and eye health are important, your child may need to do both of these things regularly at his appointments. That way, a pediatric eye doctor on our team will be able to find and treat problems early.

Schools May Request an Eye Exam

Schools sometimes offer vision exams for their students. If the kids eye exam indicates that something might be wrong, the school might refer you to a pediatric eye doctor in order to get more tests done. This might be a way of beginning myopia control in your child. Your child might also notice signs of blurry vision like eye strain or apparent difficulty seeing things far away. If you or the school notice these things, it may be important that you schedule an eye exam for your child.

Your Child May Need Glasses

If your child’s exam shows he has myopia or certain other eye conditions, he may need to start wearing glasses. Glasses contain prescription lenses that can correct your child’s vision while they wear them. Take your time looking through frames with your child. You may want to find glasses that are both comfortable and durable for your child’s everyday use.

Regular Exams Can Help

Even if your child doesn’t have an eye condition, bringing him to the eye doctor for regular appointments might still be a good thing. That way, an optometrist on our optometry team can catch any issues that appear over time. Myopia control can works well when it is caught early. Regular appointments will allow the optometrist to catch and correct eye conditions before they have had too much of an impact on your child’s everyday life.

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We at Summit Eyecare in (208) 637-0841 Pocatello, ID, (208) 624-3231 St. Anthony, ID, (208) 356-0881 Rexburg, ID, and Idaho Falls, ID, are here for your pediatric eye care needs. In Idaho Falls we have two locations: one on (208) 522-5594 Merlin Dr. and another on (208) 529-4333 Pancheri Dr. Schedule your child’s appointment for a kids eye exam today.