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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

Returning to Regular Hours

We are excited to announce that we are back to normal hours!  As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to dissipate and our communities start to return to normal, we are so happy to be fully functional again.    

Added Safety Precautions

We have been very busy making modifications to protect against the spread of the coronavirus including additional sanitary cleaning between patients.  Rest assured, we are prepared to care for your eyes in a sanitary environment! 

Patient Appointments

Understandably, some of you have postponed eye exams due to COVID-19.  Well, that time has passed and it’s time to pick up the phone and give us a call!  We encourage all of our patents who have delayed an appointment to call now to schedule your exam.  Also, if you are past due for your annual eye exam, now is a GREAT time to call in and schedule your appointment. 

Continuing Practices

We will continue to follow social distancing practices and request that if you have any friends or family that may accompany you to your appointment, please have them remain in their vehicles during your visit.  If you are a parent accompanying a child to an appointment, please leave any other children at home. 

If you have any questions, please call us, we are here to help!