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Eye Strain

Eye Strain

If you experience eye strain, you’re not alone. Approximately 70% of Americans suffer from digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome at some point in their lives. Fortunately, eye strain can be treated with help from an eye doctor. If you are in Idaho Falls, Merlin, Pancheri, Pocatello, St. Anthony, or Rexburg, our team at Summit Eyecare is ready to help.

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What Is Eye Strain?

Eye strain is not a disease or illness but a result of being exposed to more light than your eyes can handle. People tend not to blink as much when watching devices with screens. This causes the eyes to become dry and produce other symptoms.

Symptoms of Eye Strain

The most common symptoms of computer vision syndrome are blurry vision, double vision, pain in the eyes, itchy eyes, dry eyes, and feeling more tired than usual. Many people also get headaches when suffering from eye strain. If you are already prone to headaches and migraines, then eye strain may trigger an attack. Many people also feel cramps from their neck down to their shoulders.

Self-Care for Eye Strain

It’s good to look away from screens for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Make sure devices are an arm’s length away, if possible. Use artificial tears for itchy, burning, or dry eyes and to help prevent eye strain. A small humidifier in the room where you do your most screen time can also help with dry eyes. Keep the lights on when watching television.

Diagnosing Eye Strain

It’s important not to self-diagnose your symptoms, especially ones like blurry or dry eyes. These are also symptoms of many other eye problems, including cataracts. If you experience these symptoms often, or self-care does not work, get your eyes checked by one of our eye doctors. Getting the right diagnosis ensures you receive the right treatment.

Treating Eye Strain

Our eye doctors will be able to treat any underlying eye condition you may have. You may need blue light-blocking glasses when working on a computer. We will also recommend ways to better adjust your ergonomics, lighting, and computer screen in order to reduce your symptoms. Our eye doctors will work with you to ensure you receive the treatment that’s right for you.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The sun, computers, and other digital devices emit blue light. Blue light not only causes eye strain but can interfere with your sleep. Blue light-blocking lenses can protect your eyes from computer vision syndrome and other eye-related issues.

Visit Us for Relief from Your Eye Strain

There’s no need to suffer from eye strain. If you live in Idaho Falls, Merlin, Pancheri, Pocatello, St. Anthony, or Rexburg, ID, contact Summit Eyecare at (208) 522-5594 to make an appointment today.