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Our Eye Care Services at Summit Eyecare

Your Optometrist in Idaho Falls, ID

At Summit Eyecare, our experienced eye doctors will perform an eye examination to determine what is causing your eye problems. After detecting the problem, they will discuss the various treatment alternatives with you and, in turn, offer you the best solution.

We use modern diagnostic methods to identify your eye problem and provide accurate, informed vision care. We aim to ensure that you will not experience eye discomfort after visiting our clinic. We will work with you, scheduling follow-up visits and addressing problems as they come up until you have regained your eye health.

Contact Summit Eyecare Today

If you need an eye doctor in Idaho Falls, Merlin, Pancheri, St. Anthony, and Rexburg, Summit Eyecare is here for you. We have a flexible schedule, so book a visit at a time that is most convenient for you. For more information on what our eye doctor can do for you or to schedule an appointment, call us today.  


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